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      1. Welcome: Langfang Jinlaiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.
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        How to choose environmental-friendly and energy-saving mud cleaner

        With the national attention to the development of environmental protection industry, sand sludge wastewater discharge has become a major source of pollution to the environment, if not any treatment on the direct discharge, will cause adverse effects on the soil and rivers, mud purifier can effectively solve these problems.

        Mud purifier has been widely used in mine waste water treatment. How to choose mud purifier, it is necessary to determine according to the characteristics of mine sludge. The mud purifier is designed to be suitable for mine sludge dewatering.

        Choose the mud cleaning machine according to the advantages of the product

        1. The main body of the mud purifier is made of high-quality steel, and the spindle is fully welded. Although the processing cost is increased, it can. Extend the service life to the maximum extent.

        2. Simple operation, high degree of automation, and can realize 24-hour continuous operation without any person. Environmental protection and energy saving, reduce the operation cost.

        3. The mud purification machine has self-cleaning function, short daily maintenance time, very simple maintenance, do not need to use a lot of water washing, waste resources.

        4. Small space, sludge treatment equipment for maintenance and replacement, but also do not need civil construction, saving construction investment cost.

        So to choose a good mud purification machine, do not affect the quality of the judgment because of the price, good mud purification machine at the same time the price is high, its performance and quality is the same Y show.

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        Email: sales@lfjly.com

        Add: No.3 Workshop,Duoyuan Industrial Park, No.12 Yaohua Road, Langfang Economic And Technological Development Zone.

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