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      1. Welcome: Langfang Jinlaiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.
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        How to treat sand washing wastewater easily by mud cleaner?

        At present, many large processing factories and mining sand making factories send out countless harmful waste water and waste residue to the environment every year. So how to classify different toxic substances for reasonable planning? It is well known that the mud purifier can treat all kinds of water at very high levels, so the equipment can easily treat all kinds of waste water.

        The main pollution factors of sand washing wastewater are chemical oxygen demand (COD) and suspended matter, which contains a large amount of suspended matter at a concentration of about 3000mg/L, forming a large amount of mud water. Mud properties depend on its composition, and about the local geological conditions, the general characteristics of color of loess mud appearance, uniform gooey, still stratification for long, if not its production wastewater by timely and effective treatment, J will not waste a lot of water, pollution of water quality, the influence of road traffic, affect the normal production and life of the residents, even intensifies social contradictions, to social disharmonious factors.

        Br is sand washing wastewater treatment, through physical method to isolate mud, due to large sand washing wastewater containing sediment loads, use the natural sedimentation pond way at the beginning of the first sand settle, then control into the dosing flocculation process of solid content, in order to achieve the purpose of reduce reagent cost investment, and then by adding flocculating agent, forming particle precipitation, supernatant fluid into the clear water reserviors reuse, bottom silt into the sludge dewatering equipment, mud cake sinotrans disposal.

        Mud cleaning machine application advantages

        1. Automatic cleaning, automatic mud discharge, saving labor time.

        2. Adopt the working principle of suspension filtration, medium adsorption and precipitation, no purification film and no wearing parts.

        3. The tank is made of carbon steel (or stainless steel, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.) with good strength and corrosion resistance.

        4. Low cost, large handling capacity, high treatment efficiency and stable performance.

        5. Small volume, small floor space, convenient and fast installation.

        6. The service life of the machine is 10-15 years, with less one-time investment and significant economic benefits.

        7. After purification, the water quality can meet the discharge standard, and it can also be used for production line recycling.

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        Email: sales@lfjly.com

        Add: No.3 Workshop,Duoyuan Industrial Park, No.12 Yaohua Road, Langfang Economic And Technological Development Zone.

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